Atlantik English is currently comprised of 4 partners and a team of highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers.
Since Ben Smith and Jaime Gutiérrez opened their first language school in calle Angel Rebollo in 2004, they have both maintained a commitment to an extremely high standard of teaching, employing excellent teachers who genuinely enjoy their profession.



Atlantik English offers English, Spanish (for foreigners) and German classes to all ages and all levels, both in group and individually.
The students in the groups (max. 6 pupils) are clearly organised by level–based on the results of a placement test on matriculation. The individual classes are tailor–made to the students needs and offer a more flexible timetable.

We have many years of experience preparing students for Cambridge examinations, (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE) and also offer both group and one to one classes in preparation for the exams.

We also offer a comprehensive translation and interpreting service and have worked extensively throughout the period 2008–2011 as on–site interpreter at the Duke of Westminster’s Spanish Estate in Ciudad Real.

In 2010, Oliver Smith (Ben’s brother and long–term employee) and Xan Guitián (Atlantik’s longest standing employee) were also made partners of the limited company.

Also in 2011, the concept “Surfin’ English” was born as a Weekend activity for all ages, whereby Atlantik and it’s surf school partner Prado Surf Escola teach Spanish speakers how to surf (both theory and practical class included) and of course… all the class is given IN ENGLISH. This activity is now also offered in the form of an intensive “Surfin’ English Summer Camp”.