September 5th, 2016

​​«I have always been interested in doing a Spanish course over the summer holidays and after approaching th​is​ language school about my options I decided to take the plunge and signed up for a week’s long intensive course at Atlantik!
The course includes 15 hours of lessons and a few short and long excursions to places like Santiago, Betanzos and Buño. I got to try many delicious types of seafood. Although my Spanish isn’t perfect I’m glad I have gained experience when learning the language in beautiful Coruña. It isn’t very touristy which makes learning the language more accessible. You can find beaches, the city centre, the port and the shopping area ​all ​within walking distance. I found out about Atlantik from a colleague of mine and ​I’d highly recommend this course and Coruña to anyone who would like to learn Spanish in a fun, interesting and cultural way!»
​Grace Woo (Spanish intensive, with host family stay: Aug 2016)​