Intensive Spanish course for non-Spanish speakers

April 15th, 2015

This course has proved particularly helpful to those preparing for G.C.S.E. and A-Level examinations. The course is designed around a number of hours of class in Spanish. We focus on grammatical, oral or comprehension problem areas and it’s combined with various leisure activities eg. Cultural tours, sporting spectacles, surf course, and so on. All of the above is carried out in Spanish with English explanation when or if necessary. The student would stay with a Spanish family in order to further their familiarity with the lifestyle and the language. Links to Shrewsbury and St Edward’s articles.

We have a team of qualified native Spanish teachers with extensive teaching experience. The philosophy of our team is that the class should be given 100% in Spanish. However, if you are struggling at the initial level, don’t worry! The fact that all our teachers also teach English means that if necessary they can quickly and concisely bring you up to speed in English before reverting to the target language.

There are the same possibilities as for English teaching; one-to-one, closed group, or group classes. See those sections for details.

Classes are organised depending on the levels in the C.E.F. (Common European Framework), and those students interested in preparing for the official exams can opt to tailor the class accordingly.